You are being tracked. Deal with it.

It’s not just your Smart TV, it’s your phone, computer, home appliance with Internet. How to handle it all, on Talking Tech.

Your every move is being tracked. If you didn’t realize it by now, get used to it.

Because it will only become more widespread in the coming days, months and years. TheConsumer Reports headlines this week about how smart TVs are monitoring your watching got a lot of attention, but it should hardly be a surprise.

If you’re on the Web, and haven’t jacked up your privacy settings, your clicks, taps and likes are feeding databases that funnel into the giant marketing engine that supports free Internet services.

Your mobile phone already tracks every move you make, thanks to GPS and the location tracking feature on most apps. When you surf online on your computer, Google, Amazon, Facebook and others know which websites you went to, how long you spent there, what you clicked on, with whom you interacted with, which stores you spent money with and more. Unless, that is, you remembered to browse anonymously, turn off ad targeting and a host ofother privacy hygiene tasks.

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