Why you should beware the raw water trend


First, it was juicing. Then it was souping. In 2018, it’s raw water.

Selling for as much as $15 a gallon, raw water is all the rage in this basic life necessity. Like black water and boxed water before it, some people are jumping on the trend.

But unlike the other so-called health trends that came before it, raw water from an unknown source has many potential health hazards, Dr. Sarang Koushik, a resident in ABC News’ medical unit, said.

“Raw water is essentially untreated or unfiltered water, containing natural minerals,” Koushik said. “This water is absent of the additive fluoride. Raw water can be found in springs, rivers or wells.

“Unfortunately, this water could contain dangerous pesticides, bacteria, and animal waste products.”

Translation: If it hasn’t been tested, it may have contaminants that can make you very sick.

“Raw water may contain bacteria and parasites such as E. Coli, giardia, or cholera,” Koushik added. “The health effects can range from diarrhea and dehydration to organ failure.”

But what about raw water sold in stores? People are buying it in droves. The New York Times reported that Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco is regularly sold out.

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