Why the 2020 election is already very different

The 2020 election isn’t for another 442 days. But people are ready!

Almost 6 in 10 respondents in a new Fox News national poll say they are “extremely” interested in the 2020 election. Reminder: The election isn’t until NEXT November 3.
That number — 57%, to be exact — is all the more remarkable when you compare it with past data on voter interest in elections.
In a Fox News poll conducted November 3-6, 2016 — so, days before the last presidential election — only 54% said they were “extremely” interested in the race. In October 2016, the number was 45%. In June 2016 it was 39%. And in June 2015 — roughly where we are right now in the 2020 cycle — just 3 in 10 people said they were “extremely” interested in the presidential contest.
Go back four more years and the comparison is even more stark. An October 2012 Fox News poll showed 51% saying they were “extremely” interested in the presidential contest. Just 32% said the same in September 2011.

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