Why Ryan called it quits

Paul Davis Ryan — once the Republican Party golden boy, now the speaker of the House who is leaving elective politics after two decades at just 48 years old — said the thing that bothers him the most in today’s political climate is “identity politics.”

“I’m an old Jack Kemp guy that believes strongly in inclusive, aspirational politics that are based on bringing people together and not exploiting divisions,” Ryan said in an interview Wednesday afternoon in his Capitol suite. “With identity politics being played all around and 21st-century technology accelerating it, and putting gas on the fire — that is my big concern of politics these days. And that makes it harder to have political goodwill in this country because of all this polarization.”

In the silliness that passes for a plot, a gene-altering program with a nefarious company called Energyne, housed in a space station to keep it from prying eyes, crashes to Earth after going horribly wrong, scattering its contents over various parts of the US — including the primate sanctuary where George lives. Soon he’s growing at an alarming rate, and behaving unusually aggressive. Elsewhere, a wolf and a crocodile are doing the same.

Enter Jeffrey Dean Morgan (“The Walking Dead”), apparently a top graduate of the Tommy Lee Jones school of sarcastic bureaucrats. “When science s–ts the bed, I’m the guy they call to change the sheets,” his government agent Harvey Russell drawls, making a tasty meal of some atrocious dialogue. He scoops up George, Davis and a renegade ex-Energyne geneticist (Naomie Harris, straying about as far from her Oscar-nominated “Moonlight” role as one could) for a flight that goes awry. As you might imagine a flight containing a growing, mutated and confused gorilla would.

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