Why do smart people send nude selfies?

Culture critic: Why Do Smart People Send Nude Selfies?

In at least one way, suggests The Atlantic’s Amanda Mull, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is exactly like a huge number of Americans: The world’s richest man “has dashed off explicit texts and some predictably composed nudes to a romantic partner with little apparent regard for whether it could come back to bite him in the ass.” This became known when Bezos disclosed what he called a blackmail and extortion attempt by The ­National Enquirer.

Apparently, “the smart and powerful probably aren’t any less prone to sexting than the rest of us.” That’s especially true in cases of “stepping out behind a partner’s back,” as Bezos was. Moreover, “people who feel like they have irrevocable power are significantly more likely to take risky decisions.” And who has more irrevocable power than Jeff Bezos?

Conservative: An Ominous Moment for Pro-Lifers

The pro-life movement on Thursday relearned “the bitter lesson of 46 years of judicial battles,” laments National Review’s David French: Put not your faith in judges, for they shall disappoint you. With Chief Justice John Roberts joining the four liberals, the US Supreme Court granted an emergency stay of a Louisiana law, upheld by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, requiring all doctors performing abortions to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital.

What makes this ominous is that “emergency stays are granted only when — among other factors — ‘there exists a significant possibility of reversal of the lower court’s decision.’ ” Moreover, Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s dissent was “on the most narrow possible grounds.” In short, “grounds for pro-life optimism are fading yet again.”

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