Why being clean may mean you’ll have a better love life

Amidst the trend toward mindfulness and minimalism, Americans are increasingly finding happiness in cleaning — and the numbers are backing it up.

A new study examining people’s cleaning frequencies and their personality traits revealed Americans who are “super clean” are twice as happy with their overall lives than those who believe themselves to be “messy.”

The study, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Carbona, surveyed 2,000 Americans and divided them into three self-identifying groups: super clean, moderately clean and messy based on levels of cleanliness.

Results found that the correlation between cleanliness and happiness even makes its way into the bedroom. A super clean person has been found to have more sex per month than a messy person ‒ between 7-10% respectively.

Super-clean types are so aglow with love that 75% were found to be happier with their love life and relationships than those who aren’t cleaning regularly.The results showed a remarkable correlation between happiness levels and cleaning in every major category studied. Happiness levels declined the less cleanly a person rated themselves.

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