What is Michael Bloomberg thinking?

In God we trust. Everyone else bring data.

That’s New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s longtime motto. And it explains how, six months after he was a definite “no” on running for president, he’s apparently changed his mind again.

Bloomberg, who had been running a data-heavy operation focused on electing Democrats, kept seeing the same trends in his research conducted by veteran pollster Douglas Schoen: The once-strong frontrunner Joe Biden was getting weaker by the day in early states. Democratic voters increasingly see President Donald Trump as “dangerous” — and beating him as ever more important.

Bloomberg’s data gurus first noticed a sharp uptick in Democrats’ obsession with unseating Trump around Sept. 20. That’s when news broke that the president appeared to improperly threaten to withhold aid to Ukraine if the country didn’t open an investigation into Biden and his son Hunter.

Democratic leaders nationally embraced impeachment, and so did Bloomberg. He had been opposed to impeachment but then started to see a path to the nomination open for him — albeit an unorthodox one in which he would focus on the Super Tuesday states and largely bypass the crucial first four voting states.

“The data shifted after impeachment. Democrats were always focused on electability, but after Ukraine that impulse became even stronger. And the current field is not well-poised for success,” said Bloomberg’s adviser, Howard Wolfson, in explaining how the collision of forces caused Bloomberg to rethink his decision not to run.

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