Welcome to America’s first solar-powered town

Richard and Robin Kinley are among the retirees who move to Florida every year.

However, this couple gets to watch the sunset every night over a lake that’s named after them — Lake Kinley.

The sustainable Babcock Ranch, just north of Fort Myers, Florida, was built to be America’s first solar-powered town, and the Kinleys were the first to purchase a home and move in.

“It reminded me of the first time I saw my future wife many years ago,” Richard Kinley told ABC News of his first visit to Babcock Ranch’s model homes a year ago. “I fell head over heels.”

They were the town’s first residents as of Jan. 4, even though the community’s official grand opening is in March.

Babcock Ranch was designed with sustainability in mind — from a solar energy plant to autonomous transit.

During the day, the solar plant, which is on the property just about 2 miles north of the residential area, has been built to generate more energy than the town consumes, while at night, the town is powered by a nearby natural gas plant.

When the skies are covered in dark clouds during the day that limit sunlight, the power supply switches to the natural gas that is not on the property, but less than 10 miles away.

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