Watching this type of TV is as healthy as meditating


If you’d long ruled out meditation because you can’t stop your mind from wandering off, enlightenment could still be reached – only via remote.

A new study has found mindfulness and meditation have few benefits over watching a David Attenborough documentary. Attenborough, a national treasure in Britain, has been producing and narrating jaw-dropping nature documentaries — including the legendary “Planet Earth” and the recent “Blue Planet II” — for decades.

According to scientists from Coventry University, there’s no convincing evidence that mindfulness or meditation encouraged open-mindedness or empathy more than going for a run or watching TV.

Following 22 trials, researchers looked at previous studies that compared meditation and mindfulness – heralded as the best for helping you concentrate – to other activities to test whether the methods actually led to self-improvement.

Those results also appeared to show an increase in compassion, but no particular advantage over watching documentaries – such as those narrated by Attenborough – was found.

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