Twitter CEO says new rules coming to curb harassment

Twitter’s top executive appears to have gotten the message from the #WomenBoycottTwitter movement.

In a series of threaded tweets Friday night, founder and CEO Jack Dorsey said the social media platform would announce new rules centered on “unwanted sexual advances, non-consensual nudity, hate symbols, violent groups, and tweets that glorifies violence.”

“We decided to take a more aggressive stance in our rules and how we enforce them,” Dorsey tweeted.

Dorsey did not give a timeline for when the new rules would be in place, but said they would drop in “the next few weeks.”

Twitter said in a statement to CNNMoney that they could not provide any more details on the timeline as of Saturday evening.

Dorsey took time to reply to dozens of messages, many of them critical of the platform and skeptical of Dorsey’s timing.

This week brought special attention to the social media platform.

Actress Rose McGowan’s Twitter account was temporarily blocked for violating Twitter polices. It said she tweeted a phone number.

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