Trump invites a new fight with Democrats over 2020 budget

The Trump administration is headed for a budget clash with Congress, with calls for deep domestic spending cuts that lawmakers are likely to ignore as the nation’s debt reaches record levels.

On Monday, President Donald Trump is set to deliver his budget roadmap with a promise to balance the budget in 15 years, marking the first time he’ll unveil a spending proposal under a divided government with Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the helm of a Democratic-controlled House, and he is expected to face fierce resistance to severe proposed cuts on education, health and environmental protections.
The White House is proposing $2.7 trillion in spending cuts, according to new details released Sunday evening, following a directive by the President to reduce spending by 5% across federal agencies, except for defense spending, as part of its budget plan for fiscal year 2020, which begins on October 1. The proposed cuts come just as Congress will need to decide — yet again this year — whether to lift spending caps put into place by law in 2011.
“Our national debt nearly doubled under the previous administration and now stands at more than $22 trillion,” said Russell Vought, acting director of the Office of Budget and Management, in a statement previewing the President’s budget details. “This budget shows that we can return to fiscal sanity without halting our economic resurgence while continuing to invest in critical priorities.”

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