Trump: Clinton attacking his biz record to avoid ‘lies she told to the FBI’

Donald Trump on Wednesday defended himself against Democratic rival Hillary Clinton’s focused attack on his business record, saying she’s merely trying to avoid explaining her “lies” during the FBI investigation into her private email-server system.

“She just wants to get off the subject of all the lies she told,” Trump said on Fox News’ “The Real Story.”

Trump, speaking by phone from Atlantic City, N.J., responded shortly after Clinton stood outside a shuttered Trump hotel on the Atlantic City boardwalk and accused the presumptive Republican presidential nominee of making millions in the resort town – then leaving its residents and small businesses for broke.

“He bankrupted his companies four times,” Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, said in a roughly 15-minutes speech that focused solely on Trump’s business record. “When this casino collapsed, hundreds of people lost their jobs. Contractors, small businesses took heavy losses. But Trump, he walked away with millions.”

Trump, as he has previously argued, said he was part of Atlantic City’s revival in the 1990s and that local Democratic lawmakers killed it with “bad decisions,” including one to build an airport roughly 10 miles from the casino resort.

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