This U.S. City Is the Best Place to Live For Your Overall Health

Have you wondered if where you live influences your health and fitness? While some people will always be healthy and in shape no matter where they live, others could be possibly motivated to live a healthier life if their city offers “healthy” opportunities.

Which cities are healthiest? WalletHub dove deep to uncover which cities fit the bill of being healthiest in the nation. Healthcare, food, fitness, and green space were explored for 174 locations to arrive at the healthiest cities.

Denver, Colorado

Denver ranked toward the top for fitness and food in the Wallet Hub study. The city also received a grant as part of the 2018 U.S. Mayors Challenge to install pollution sensors at 10 public school campuses, CBS Denver reports.

Irvine, California

This city ranks second for healthcare and does pretty well devoting green space to residents. Irvine also has one of the lowest premature death rates and one of the highest percentages of active adults in the WalletHub study.

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