This time it really is the end of Trump. Really.

It’s time to go back to where we began: not only that Donald Trump will lose the Republican presidential nomination, but also that he could be so weakened by the end of the primaries that his party will not even have to worry about choosing someone else.

I feel your skepticism. Hasn’t Trump so far defied all predictions of his demise? Absolutely. Hasn’t every claim that “now he’s gone too far” been wrong? Of course.

Let’s be honest about journalists: We find a lot of ways of being wrong.

One trap is “presentism,” the idea that whatever is happening now will keep happening. And it is, indeed, easy to project Trump’s impending doom after his most miserable week yet.

He responded rather ineffectually to criticisms fromWisconsin conservative talk show host Charlie Sykes. His campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was charged with battery. Trump reacted by aggressively attacking the credibility of conservative reporter Michelle Fields, the woman Lewandowski is accused of hurting. The front-runner thus fed the perception that he’s a misogynist.

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