This NBA usher is more inspiring than the players


The pride of the Brooklyn Nets won’t actually be suiting up for tonight’s match against the Sixers.

Instead, she’ll be lording over sections 24 and 25, greeting guests with her trademark smile.

Sharon Spencer, the guests services employee —who is both an amputee and cancer survivor— will be honored in a pre-game ceremony for her fighting spirit and contributions to the organization.

The recognition comes on the heels of another impressive accolade: On January 8, NBA commissioner Adam Silver awarded the 51-year-old with the annual NBA Values of the Game Award, which goes to one individual (out of the 30 teams) who exemplifies the values of the league.

“I’ve seen [Silver] a million times giving out awards,” Spencer tells The Post. “Never in a million years did I think I would be standing up and getting an award.”

But it’s difficult to think of a more deserving human.

“Sharon has overcome so many obstacles in life but continues to come in with a smile, diligence and a work ethic that you very seldom see,” says Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment CEO Brett Yormark, who nominated Spencer for the league honor.

Before Spencer became a model of resilience, she was a happy-go-lucky single mother. In 2006, she was planning her 40th birthday when she received results from a routine mammogram.

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