This is the breakfast capital of America

America is finally mastering the most important meal of the day.

Europeans and other foreign-born gourmands continuously remind Americans that they’ve never been particularly good at breakfast. Eggs, overcooked sausage and bacon with a side of syrupy pancakes to start the day? Uh, they scoff, no thanks.

But LA’s Venice Beach is proving the conventional American breakfast is no longer the (first) order of the day. Its restaurants are serving freshly baked breads and pastries with homemade jams, as well as grain bowls and superfood-packed porridges.

At these laid-back neighborhood eateries, you’ll find crowds of cool surfers (in designer sweatpants) and locals (with tanned toes peeking through their trendy Birkenstocks) grabbing their morning meals. Here are four spots to try.

One of the most famous restaurants in the area, Gjelina has become synonymous with the Venice Beach lifestyle — cool and laid-back, but not without a tiny dose of healthy pretension. The restaurant’s interior has an industrial feel, with charcoal walls and long wooden tables where patrons chow down communally.

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