This Is How Much Money Millionaires Say They Need to Be Happy

Can money buy happiness? It’s an age-old question that many people, particularly those with little wealth, answer with an emphatic “yes”. It’s also a concept that’s been explored in popular media for generations, including books like The Great Gatsby and in movies like Citizen Kane.

While it’s debatable as to whether you can be a millionaire or billionaire and still feel that you’re lacking, the vast majority of Americans would be happy to be able to pay their rent, buy dinner, and not have to feel like they’re constantly under the gun. Financially speaking, of course.

The next logical question, if you think that money can buy happiness, is “how much does it take“? That’s trickier to answer. It’s subjective — everyone has different wants and needs, and satisfying them would require drastically different dollar amounts. And, as it turns out, the more money you already have, the more difficult you are to please.

In other words, if you’re already relatively wealthy — say, a millionaire or billionaire — the price of happiness may be much higher than it is for the average American.

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