These Popular Stores Make Returns Fantastically Easy

Ready for the holidays? One of the biggest hang-ups about this time of year — or any part, if you’re buying a lot of stuff — is worrying about whether or not you can easily return purchases. Given that the holiday season is a time when people are bum rushing stores en masse to get gifts, though, you’ll want to know for sure if your siblings or coworkers can return that sweater because it’s too big. Or too ugly. But not all return policies are created equally.

Some stores make it easy, and some stores make it extremely easy. Most high-end retail stores will bend over backward to make sure you’re happy. A lot of clothing stores, for example, will take back almost anything — assuming that you haven’t completely destroyed it. There are some wild stories out there too, including one retail store and a set of tires; We’ll get to that towards the end, though.

If you’re worried about return policies, here’s a cheat sheet for some of the most popular stores that have the easiest returns processes. If you want to ensure you’re buying something that can be easily returned, start here.

15. Sam’s Club

You may be a Costco person, or you could be a Sam’s Club person. Odds are, you aren’t shoveling out money for both memberships. You can’t go wrong either way, really, if return policies are something you worry about. Sam’s Club has a very generous policy, which will fetch you a full refund if you have a receipt. If you don’t, then they’ll give you a store gift card for the amount of the return. Also, you can get your membership refunded if you aren’t happy.

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