These Are the Disney Souvenirs That People Can’t Stop Buying

Leaving a Disney park without a souvenir is borderline blasphemy. You must buy a souvenir, otherwise, did it happen at all? Some of them can seem like a total waste of money, but others are actually worth it. Instead of buying that set of Mickey or Minnie ears that will end up buried in a toy chest somewhere, consider springing for souvenirs that you can enjoy for years to come.

Sandwich and cookie cutters

eliving all of those Disney moments through photographs is one way to remember the good times, but so is pulling out a fresh batch of Mickey-shaped sugar cookies from the oven. And they may even taste better because of it. According to Disney Insider Tips, which named the cutters one of their favorite souvenirs, they’re a trip memento you can actually use “all the time.”

Disney also offers Mickey-shaped sandwich cutters as a fun and exciting way to jazz up your kiddo’s school lunch. Even better, each of the cutters sell for less than $10.

Disney prints and caricatures

Okay, so your kid swindled you into buying the Mickey Mouse ears. It’s nearly impossible to avoid that purchase, but you know the chances of them forgetting all about them in a matter of days is quite high. One way to keep the Disney love alive is to purchase a print of your favorite character. Another fun experience is having a family caricature drawn at the park. Either option is a little pricier than a cookie cutter, but a fantastic way to decorate your home or child’s bedroom.

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