‘The Walking Dead’ recap of ‘Bury me here’

This Sunday’s episode of “The Walking Dead” began with Jerry and other members of the Kingdom preparing to load up a truck with tribute for the Saviors. All we see in an otherwise-empty truck is a crate and a single melon. King Ezekiel waves them off.

Meanwhile, at Carol’s house, she can’t sleep. At daybreak, she sets off for the Kingdom, dispatching walkers without breaking a sweat. “Where is Morgan?” she demands, before finding him and wanting to know what really happened at Alexandria. “Is everyone OK?” she pleads. “Ask Daryl about that,” Morgan replies.

“You got what you wanted,” he said of her life of solitude, “But was it what you wanted?”

With a tear, she turns and walks away. Meanwhile, Richard, the Kingdom’s lieutenant, buries a backpack with the name Katy on it in a patch of dirt beside a train of shopping carts.

The Kingdom members prepare their meager drop for the Saviors, bracing for trouble. They find it when they encounter a roadblock created by a train of shopping carts, arranged like an arrow.

The Kingdom folks follow the arrow to a newly-dug grave next to Richard’s previously buried backpack. “Bury me here” a sign next to the empty grave reads.

“This world drives people mad,” Ezekiel remarks.

The group proceeds with its drop with the a group of Saviors led by Gavin and his hotheaded toadie Jared — the guy who stole Morgan’s bo staff in an earlier episode. Gavin forces the Kingdom gang to give up their guns, which they do at King Ezekiel’s command.

Gavin then points out that their offering of what is supposed to be 12 melons is one short. “I counted them myself!” Ezekiel protests, saying he will bring more later. Gavin is hearing none of it. He has Jared draw his gun on Richard, who steps forward so that the gun is nearly touching his forehead. Now it’s clear. Richard shorted the melons on purpose, knowing the Saviors would kill him, and leaving a newly-dug grave for him to be buried in.

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