The Super Bowl halftime show : Beyoncé, Coldplay and Bruno Mars put on a fine show

Beyoncé, Coldplay and Bruno Mars put on a fine show, but the shoddy audio of the Super Bowl 50 halftime show made the performance hard to enjoy for viewers at home.

From the opening notes of Coldplay’s Yellow, which were impossible to decipher, to Beyoncé performing her new hit Formation, to the final medley that paid homage to the history of the halftime show, it was tough to appreciate anything because it was hard to hear what songs were being performed.

Coldplay is a fine band, inoffensive and cordial, with plenty of hits you know from the radio. They played those songs admirably, leading with a brief bit of Yellow and transitioning into Viva La Vida, along with an army of teenage violinists in bright jackets.

That was Coldplay’s main tactic for their set, bringing out musicians, a marching band, dancers, and more, creating an atmosphere and energy the songs themselves might not have provided. Lead singer Chris Martin did his best Bono impression, running around the stage and hamming it up with the crowd.

After Bruno Mars performed his hit Uptown Funk, it was Beyoncé’s turn. She only performed a few songs, including a dance-off with Bruno Mars and that final medley, but first, the song everyone was waiting for: Formation. Her performance didn’t disappoint, even if the audio was indecipherable.

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