The Silence of the Democratic Lambs

Last week, it seemed as if Nancy Pelosi’s iron grip on the speaker’s gavel was loosening ever so slightly.

Ferocious backlash from the left turned her draft resolution—initially intended to implicitly rebuke rising progressive star Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) for her comments questioning the “allegiance” to America by supporters of Israel—into a broader statement about all forms of bigotry.

nservatives, such as National Review’s Matthew Continetti, charged the House speaker with timidity, unwilling to shame Omar by keeping the emphasis solely on anti-Semitism. “She’s supposed to be this Iron Lady,” he wrote. “But her hands are covered in Palmolive … [It’s] undeniable that AOC & co. is in charge.”

Undaunted, Pelosi threw another brushback pitch at the left this week, telling the Washington Post, and those on the left itching for President Donald Trump’s early ouster, that she is “not for impeachment” because it would be “so divisive to the country.” Although a handful of pro-impeachment lawmakers said they would forge ahead, many prominent House Democrats backed her up.

Even “AOC,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), a supposed caucus rebel who has already declared Trump guilty of impeachable offenses, bowed to her leader: “Legally, I don’t think it’s something that can ever be 100 percent off the table, but if that’s how she feels right now, I respect that.”

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