The real-life love story on the Titanic


Many people are familiar with the emotional moment in Titanic when Kate Winslet’s character sacrifices her place on the lifeboat to be with Leonardo DiCaprio’s character.

But did you know the dramatic scene is based on a heart-wrenching true story?

The selfless act echoes the moment a rich woman on the real-life ill-fated ship chose to drown at her husband’s side rather than leave without him.

When the RMS Titanic hit the iceberg on the evening of April 14 1912, Isidor Straus, owner of Macy’s department store, and his wife Ida, has gone to bed for the night.

Parents of six children, Isidor, 67 and Isa, 63, had been married for around 41 years and were returning to the US after a holiday in France.

Hours later they were being hurried into lifeboats, as the “unsinkable” ship was rapidly going down following the collision with the ice berg.

As a woman, and one of the wealthiest passengers in first class, Isa was guaranteed a spot on the lifeboat.

Millionaire Isidor was also offered a spot to safety, due to his age and for his role as a prominent philanthropist and former congressman, but he declined.

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