The Palestinians’ eternal ‘no’

Thirty uniformed men surrounded Ashraf Ghanem’s home in Hebron, the West Bank, last weekend. He managed somehow to escape and, now in hiding, tell The Jerusalem Post he’s afraid for his life.

Sounds like a scene from Fauda, the spectacularly popular Israeli ­series on Netflix depicting the realities of terror-ridden life in the Palestinian territories. But what happened to Ghanem was all too real.

The men who arrested Ghanem, an owner of a Hebron furniture company, were members of the Palestinian Authority’s security forces. His “crime”? Ghanem was part of a 13-member Palestinian delegation to last week’s economic workshop in Bahrain aimed at creating jobs and opportunity for Palestinians.

Palestinian President Mahmoud boycotted the conference, and his PA vowed to punish anyone going to Bahrain. Another businessman, Saleh Abu Mayaleh, was arrested and later released under US pressure. Palestinian media, meanwhile, daily trash the delegation’s leader, Ashraf Jabari, as a collaborator with Israel and therefore a traitor.

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