The NFL is back. Are you?


Football is back. The NFL hopes you are, too.

Last year the league had its hands full with decreased ratings, national anthem protests, domestic violence cases and fears about concussions.

The 10% ratings slump seemed to quantify the myriad problems facing the NFL. Some people even wondered whether it was the beginning of the end for the powerhouse league.

It was a shock for a league that has long been a juggernaut.

But the speculation and doomsday projections turned out to be just that. The NFL is back on course.

Eric Shanks, president and chief operating officer of Fox Sports, said that “everybody bounced back” after the election and during the postseason.

And the NFL continues to win the battle for live viewers, even in the face of viewers’ increased aversion to watching TV programming when it airs. NBC averaged more than 20 million viewers last year for its “Sunday Night Football” game.

Still, what happened last year was a wakeup call. Despite its strength, the league faces challenges as the 2017 season kicks off.

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