The New York Times modifies its motto to fit leftist agenda

Not so long ago, The New York Times was the most trusted newspaper in America, maybe even the world.People bought it and read it because they believed it was a straight shooter.

The quaint Page 1 motto, “All the News That’s Fit to Print,” promised superior judgment and taste. The paper was often boring because it presented the news in a dispassionate fashion and didn’t take sides, but that restraint was the source of its credibility.

Because of its plodding thoroughness, it was dubbed the “Gray Lady” and the “paper of record.” A popular joke about its importance held that you weren’t dead unless your obit appeared in the Times.Oh, for the days.

The world has changed and the media with it, but no news organization has changed more than the Times.The mandate of opinion-free news coverage was tossed overboard during the heated 2016 presidential election, and the paper now displays its bias on every page.

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