The movie stars all Americans can agree on

This year will be remembered as the year America went to the dogs.

At least cinematically.

We’ve just seen the release of “A Dog’s Journey.” It is not to be confused with its predecessor “A Dog’s Purpose,” which was different from “A Dog’s Way Home,” which is different (obviously) from “Isle of Dogs.”

If that wasn’t enough, the internet is abuzz over the new Milo Ventimiglia film “The Art of Racing in the Rain,” which, while it does not have “dog” in the title, is a story of a family’s life narrated by their pooch. Even the John Wick franchise, the third installment of which was released last month, is premised on the idea that a man (Keanu Reeves) is filled with an insatiable lust for justice because gangsters killed his dog, or, as Forbes described it “Keanu Reeves kills everyone, but it’s OK because he likes dogs.”

Don’t worry — he continues to like dogs in this new film, and people are very excited about the dog’s action scenes in the film (in one, a canine scrambles up a wall to grab a gangster by the jugular).

These movies have attracted amazing casts of stars — from Dennis Quaid in “A Dog’s Purpose” to Ashley Judd in “A Dog’s Way Home.” And they have the potential to hit big at the box office.

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