The most expensive 2018 midterm campaigns

American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp discusses the problems surrounding the Democratic Party and why he is optimistic about the midterm elections.

With the upcoming November elections determining which party will retain or gain control of the House and Senate, both Republican and Democrat congressional campaigns across the country are spending millions of dollars to win over voters.

Here are the five most expensive 2018 congressional races as measured by total spending, according to data sourced from the Federal Election Commission by the Center for Responsive Politics.

1. Florida Senate: 

More than $75 million has been spent so far in Florida, making it the most expensive race in this election cycle. Incumbent Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson’s campaign has spent more than $17 million, while Republican challenger Gov. Rick Scott’s campaign has spent more than $52 million.

2. Missouri Senate:

Campaign spending in the battleground state of Missouri has reached a whopping $86 million. Incumbent Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill’s campaign has spent nearly three times as much as Republican Josh Hawley’s campaign has, at roughly $30 million and $8 million respectively.

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