The Biden-Harris battle is really all about love

Kamala Harris’ offensive against Joe Biden isn’t about busing, or segregationist senators, or gender, or race. It isn’t about policy, really. It’s about two warring theories of how to win in 2020. And, not to get all Marianne Williamson on you, it’s about love.

First, the theories. The logic of Biden’s candidacy — the argument that he is the most electable of the Democrats — derives from one simple fact: A mere 88,000 votes across three industrial states cost Hillary Clinton the 2016 election. All the Democrats need do, according to his theory, is win those ballots in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania that they couldn’t garner in 2016 — et voilà!

This scenario is especially attractive, because it doesn’t appear President Trump is in a position to win any new states from Democrats in 2020, which means his rival can focus on the three states like a laser beam.

By one estimate, 6 million people voted for Obama in 2012 and then for Trump in 2016; getting 88,000 of them back into the Democratic column shouldn’t be too much of a burden if you run a minimally competent campaign.

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