The best books of the week

Alexandra Witt is a new teacher at elite Stonebridge Academy, hoping for a fresh start and students who aren’t too much trouble. But from the very beginning, there are signs that the school has a dark underbelly. Then she learns about the so-called Darkroom, a place on the dark web where male students rate their female conquests . . . until the latter decides to fight back and expose the whole thing.

What’s better than a prep-school scandal? A prep-school scandal that takes place in France, obviously. Twenty-five years ago, 19-year-old Vinca Rockwell left the South of France during a snowstorm and was never seen again. Now, as three friends prepare to meet up for their reunion, a body is discovered in the campus walls.

It’s 1940, and Ines and Michel are newlyweds. Michel is the owner of the famous Champagne house Maison Chauveau. When the Germans invade France, Michel joins the Resistance.

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