The best bike phone mount

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Using a smartphone mount while biking is a boon for anyone who wants easy access to their device. But with phone price tags approaching—and topping—the $1,000 mark, you want to be sure your device will stay firmly attached. After riding with 23 smartphone bike mounts over 90 miles’ worth of smooth and rough roads, we conclude that the Quad Lock mountsare the ones we’d use for our own phones.

The Quad Lock cases (available for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy) and the Quad Lock Universal Adaptor combined with the company’s Out-Front Mount (which we prefer to the stem mount that comes in Quad Lock’s case-and-mount kits) proved to be the confidence-inspiring solutions for securely attaching any smartphone to any bicycle. In our tests, phones vibrated hardly at all—let alone rattled or shook—in the Quad Lock products, no matter how bumpy the road became. Both the phone cases and the universal adapter twist to lock into place on the mount, which in turn clamps onto a bike’s handlebars.

The iPhone 8 Plus case we tested didn’t interfere with phone functions, and we’re confident, based on the Quad Lock cases we’ve tested for other guides, that it would protect the phone in daily use. (Also, you can use the cases and adapters with the many other mounts—for car dashboards and running armbands and more—from Quad Lock.) The indented socket on the case’s back was among the least noticeable of the case-type bike mounts we tested. The Universal Adaptor sticks out from a phone’s case (or back), like most such adapters, which you may find annoying—you may want to buy a separate “bike ride” case for your phone.

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