Telegram’s silent messages keep your conversations low-key

Just because you’re messaging someone doesn’t mean you want to loudly advertise that fact, and Telegram thinks it can help on that front. The newly updated chat app has introduced a silent messaging feature that delivers any text or media without a sound notification, no matter what someone’s phone settings might be.

It’s most likely to be helpful if you don’t want to wake someone, but it could also be useful if you’re messaging on the sly during a meeting.

There’s a deluge of similarly low-profile but important updates to the app. Group chats now have a slow mode to prevent them from becoming overwhelming. Certain emoji (such as the heart and thumbs up) now have animation, and a combination of thumbnail scrubbing and timestamps help you find the right moment in a video.

You’ll find an easier-to-browse attachment menu on Android, and accent colors for iOS’ night mode. From a glance, Telegram appears bent on making its app unintrusive when you want it to be — a sharp contrast from chat clients that seem designed solely to grab your attention as often as possible.

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