Tax cuts are already benefiting American workers

Just over a year ago, President-elect Donald Trump delivered his first holiday message to the economy by saving close to 1,000 factory jobs from moving to Mexico just before Christmas.

Well, the president did not disappoint this holiday season — a week before Christmas, and on the eighth and final night of Hanukkah — Trump’s tax plan made its way through Congress, and almost on cue, corporate America began raining cash down upon workers.

Trump knows he was not elected for his parliamentary skills or his international diplomatic experience — those he would have to prove. He was elected to fix the economy for all Americans.

Most economists with a political bent cannot comprehend that a lower corporate tax rate is a good thing for US workers, but it is.

As most working Americans know, there has been very little movement in wages over the last 10 to 15 years, and utter stagnation under the Obama administration.

So more money in corporate America’s pockets ought to do several things, one being more wealth shared with employees.

And corporations wasted little time getting down to business, giving out raises and special bonuses literally right after the bill passed the House and Senate.

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