States find new ways to troll Trump

Lawmakers are getting creative in their attempts to mock, challenge and repudiate the president.

A California lawmaker is demanding Melania Trump’s immigration records. New Hampshire lawmakers have introduced a resolution demanding a federal probe into Trump University and “illegal financial or business dealings in which President TRUMP may have been involved.”

In Illinois, legislators are calling for an investigation into “Russian interference” in the 2016 election — they’ve also drafted a formal invitation to Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, inviting him to their chambers to speak about the potential ill-effect that a border wall could have on Mexico-Illinois relations.

In case it wasn’t clear, blue-state legislatures are not only in full frontal rebellion against President Donald Trump, they’re trolling him.

Since gaveling in this year, legislatures in states that went for Hillary Clinton have proposed a flood of laws or resolutions that mock, challenge or repudiate some of the most controversial aspects of Trump’s presidency. Some are designed for the sole purpose of needling Trump by reminding him that he lost the popular vote, or that his for-profit school “Trump University” has been under legal attack for years or that a state’s own relations with Mexico are strong.

And that’s on top of the legal challenges to Trump’s controversial travel ban, a push for protections to state reproductive rights laws and vocal defiance of Trump’s economic threats against immigrant sanctuary cities.

“We not only have a fair amount of political power, we have market power. Trump will try to screw around with California at his own peril,” said Garry South, a veteran California Democratic strategist. “We can pass pretty much whatever we want here. We cannot override federal law but we can certainly set the tone for the country and a lot of other states basically follow along. We’re not powerless.”

While many of the measures are merely symbolic in nature, the state lawmakers say they want their voices heard and are looking to pressure members of Congress. They also have a ready-made blueprint after red states employed similar tactics during the Obama administration.

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