Samsung’s Predictable, Boring and Amazing Smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a workhorse of a smartphone. While the South Korean company has pushed the racy design and the features of the S7 Edge, the Galaxy S7 has been sitting quietly in the background. It offers almost all of the functionality of the S7 Edge without the fancy styling and innovative curved edges.

Although the S7 Edge is the handset that grabs all of the critical acclaim and helps push the idea of Samsung as an innovative company, it does sacrifice some usability to gain that. As with a lot of consumer technology, some people love these quirks, some will put up with them and just get on with using the device, and others simply can’t live with progress.

With the S7 Edge, I’m in the middle group. The S7 Edge is a great smartphone. It has a lot of power, it addresses the comfort issues that made the S6 Edge awkward to pick up and hold, and Samsung generally polished all the areas where the 2015 models had issues. And it brought back microSD support.

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