Republicans shifting negative on Mueller’s investigation

Republicans have begun to sour on Robert Mueller’s handling of the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, according to a newCNN poll conducted by SSRS, and they are increasingly likely to say the President should not testify under oath for the special counsel.

Overall, 44% approve of the way Mueller is handling the investigation and 38% disapprove. That’s a slight negative shift overall since March, when 48% approved of Mueller’s work. Just about all of that change has come from Republicans, who now give Mueller a 17% approval rating, down from 29% in March. Among Democrats and independents, approval ratings for Mueller have not changed significantly.
And Republicans have rapidly turned against the idea of the President testifying under oath before Mueller. Although 70% overall say Trump should testify for Mueller’s investigation if asked, that stands at just 39% among Republicans, down from 54% saying the same in March.
Among independents and Democrats, support for Trump testifying has held roughly steady compared with previous CNN polling on the topic. About 6 in 10 (62%) overall say Mueller ought to subpoena the President if he won’t agree to speak with investigators.
The poll follows several others showing GOP faith in the Mueller probe beginning to erode, including Quinnipiac University polling that recently found 61% of Republicans describing the investigation as unfair.
In the CNN poll, the President’s approval rating for handling the investigation remains deeply negative, with just 31% approving of the way he’s handling it and 55% disapproving. Those figures haven’t moved significantly since CNN and SSRS first began polling on the question last August.

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