Ranking the top 25 Power Five college football coaches entering the 2020 season

This is not our first rodeo ranking Power Five college football coaches here, but we have seen more movement in the top 25 over the last couple of years than ever before. The reasons for this are simple: The sport is losing a lot of its most respected coaches.

Before the 2019 season, it was Urban Meyer — who never finished ranked lower than second — stepping down at Ohio State. This year, both Chris Petersen (No. 3 in 2019) and Mark Dantonio (No. 13) left their posts. That’s opened up a bit more wiggle room for other coaches to break through, and quite a few have done just that.

While we continue the long slog through the offseason in mid-May, we continue unveiling our 2020 rankings of the 65 coaches in the Power Five conferences (plus Notre Dame).

As for how these rankings are decided, our crew of CBS Sports college football writers voted on them. Regarding the criteria used to rank the coaches, there is none specifically. This is a highly subjective exercise based on what each voter believes makes a great coach — winning record, recruiting chops, up-and-coming talent — leading to a wide range of results on some.

And before we get to the top 25, be sure to check out the coaches ranked 65-26.

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