People Are Livid Over This Instagram Photo Khloé Posted From Cuba

The Kardashians are vacationing in Cuba, the communist island-nation less than 90 miles south of Florida. The country was recently opened up to U.S. trade and tourism. Like many families, Kim, Khloé, Kourtney, Kayne West, Malika Haqq, and the brood of five West and Disick kids are taking advantage of the opportunity to visit the country. But the Kardashians’ apparent lack of knowledge (or disregard for) the country’s fraught political and social history is — like everything about them — in full display on Instagram.

Khloé Kardashian has posted several photos documenting her visit in the country. In one of the pictures, the reality star is standing under the name “Fidel” on a wall. Fidel Castro reigned Cuba from the 1959 communist revolution to 2008, when he resigned and his brother Raul stepped in. Under his totalitarian dictatorship, economic impoverishment, political oppression, and human rights abuses have ravaged the country. For many, the name represents decades of suffering.

So naturally, people are pissed about the photograph and its total disregard for Cuban history. The photo has garnered comments on Instagram accusing the Kardashian of disrespect and ignorance. “I usually love her but this picture is beyond ignorant she clearly has no idea about what’s been happening over there she’s just on vaca giving zero fucks,” reads one comment. “You make me sick to my stomach. You have no idea what daily life is like there. How food is rationed and people are stripped of their rights,” says another. Some compare it to a tacit endorsement of Hitler. “Might as well stand in front of a picture of hitler with emoji hearts in your eyes! I’m Cuban and this is fucking disrespectful,” wrote one person.

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