Parents are largely to blame for the student loan crisis

Here’s what I don’t understand about the student debt crisis: Why did parents let this happen?I mean, would any parent ask their child about the car they’d like to drive? A Lamborghini! Sure, it’s yours.

Or has any parent ever asked their child’s opinion — I mean really sought it out — about the kind of home they’d like to live in?“Johnny, would you like to live in that big house over there or this little one that we can afford?”“The big one!” OK, you got it.

Of course, that never happens. So why do the adults start the conversation about college with the question: Where would you like to go to school?

I understand that college is an investment. And I’m all in favor of higher education. I’m just not in favor of overpriced higher education.

College can be a huge expense — bigger than an expensive car or the down payment on a house — as millions of students find out when they graduate with a debt load that takes years or maybe even decades to repay in professions that don’t pay very much and probably never will.

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