OnePlus unveiled its new 8 and 8 Pro phones with 5G

Later tonight / early Thursday morning, Hulu will deliver the final episode of Alex Garland’s well-received Devsseries. In it, a tech company has successfully mass produced quantum computers and unlocked information that presents some interesting questions about the nature of our reality. If you haven’t watched it yet, then there’s still time to catch up before the finale.

If you’re already a fan and are eagerly anticipating the season’s resolution, then you will probably enjoy hearing Garland discuss the show’s concept and how it relates to another project of his, the film Ex Machina.

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‘Journey’ and Uncharted remasters will be free on PS4, no PS Plus required

In Germany and China, players will get ‘Knack’ instead of the Uncharted series.

To do its part in encouraging social distancing, Sony has kicked off the Play At Home initiative, which has two prongs. For game players, starting tonight at 11 PM ET, they can grab Journeyor Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection for free, even if they don’t subscribe to PlayStation Plus. For game makers, Sony announced the creation of a $10 million fund to help support indie developers that are struggling right now.

Continue reading.OnePlus 8 Pro review: Speed is everything

Two excellent new phones.

New OnePlus phones are here, and according to Chris Velazco, the 8 Pro “is a fantastic smartphone that’s well worth the price of admission.” We shouldn’t be surprised that 5G support across the lineup, up to 12GB of RAM and as much as 256GB of storage to go along with excellent screens and speedy processors combine to create the desired effect. The only bad news about the Pro model? That unique pop-up camera is gone, and there are some questions about the decision to put four lenses on it.

Continue reading.Google is changing settings on Nest and Cast devices to use less bandwidth


If you have a Nest camera currently set to record high-quality video then Google is going to turn the setting down. While you can manually readjust it if you absolutely need the extra pixels, this is a part of the company’s effort to use less bandwidth while home connections are seeing much more use than usual. The changes also apply to Chromecast and other Cast-enabled devices, like the Nest Hub, as the Ambient Mode photo slideshows change their timing and load lower-resolution pictures.

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Sling TV offers free viewing during primetime hours

Seriously, it’s free.

Sling TV just launched a promo of free Sling Blue access between 5 PM and midnight, covering  channels like AMC, Discovery and FX as well as cloud DVR and on-demand videos. And no, this doesn’t appear to be a way to trick you into a subscription — you won’t be asked to fork over your credit card details.

Continue reading.Ford may over-deliver on the Mustang Mach E’s power and torque

We’ll see if that helps justify the badge applied to this crossover.

According to leaked dealer slides posted on a fan forum, Ford’s electric SUV will arrive with more power than previously advertised targets. Autoblogpoints to documents that show the standard range RWD model now hitting 266 horsepower instead of 255, with torque going from 306 to 317 pound feet. Meanwhile, the top end AWD extended range model has jumped 14 horses up to 346 horsepower while torque rose from 417 to 428 pound feet.

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Monterey Bay Aquarium is doing virtual tours in ‘Animal Crossing’

Microsoft makes its advanced account protection free for healthcare workers

NASCAR driver fired after using a racial slur while streaming

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