Obama warns Trump must improve relations with intel community

President-elect Donald Trump will have to make at least two big changes to his modus operandi once he’s in office, President Barack Obama warned in an interview broadcast Sunday night.

Trump will need to alter his improvisational style and develop a better relationship with the intelligence community, Obama told CBS’s “60 Minutes.”

“You’re not going to be able to make good decisions without building some relationship of trust between yourself and that community,” Obama said. That’s “not yet” happening, he said while noting that Trump “hasn’t gotten sworn into office yet.”

Conducted early last week, the “60 Minutes” interview aired as Trump took to Twitter and appeared to accuse outgoing CIA chief John Brennan of being behind the leak of a salacious and unverified Russian dossier on the president-elect.

Obama acknowledged that Trump may not be inclined to follow traditional procedures, given his success with his “improvisational candidacy.” But Obama said he didn’t think one could run an improvisational presidency.

“Now he’s in the process of building up an organization. And well, we’ll have to see how that works. And it’ll be a test, I think, for him and the people that he’s designated to be able to execute on his vision.”

Then again, Obama said running his own 2008 campaign helped give him the executive experience he needed to run the administration, calling it “more significant training ground than I think people give it credit for.”

While Obama and his staff have generally refused to disclose many details of Obama’s private discussions with Trump during the transition, Obama did make one piece of advice public.

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