NFL: Jerry Jones is hurting the league

A group of NFL owners are accusing Jerry Jones of “damaging the league.”

Jones, who owns the Dallas Cowboys, is locked in a bitter feud with the owners of other teams over NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s contract extension.

A lawyer for the NFL’s compensation committee, which is responsible for negotiating Goodell’s extension, sent a letter to Jones’ attorney on Wednesday urging the Cowboys owner to support the committee and not “attempt to sabotage” its efforts.

The letter, of which CNNMoney obtained a copy, said Jones’ “antics, whatever their motivation, are damaging the league and reflect conduct detrimental to the league’s best interests.”

The compensation committee is composed of six owners. All the other NFL owners also received a copy of the letter, which was first reported by The Wall Street Journal.

Jones’ lawyer didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment late Wednesday. The Cowboys declined to comment.

The language used in the letter follows reports that other owners are considering whether to strip Jones of his beloved Cowboys. On Tuesday, Jones dismissed the possibility as well as reports he had received a cease-and-desist warning from the committee earlier in the week.

“If somebody is asserting that, they are not knowledgeable about how things work in the NFL,” he told a Dallas radio station.

The letter is the latest development in a saga that has pitted Jones against many within the NFL, exposing deep divisions.

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