NFC Championship: NFL players react on Twitter to controversial pass interference at end of Buccaneers-Packers

Sunday’s NFC Championship Game was a thrilling battle that came down to the wire but, unfortunately, it was also one that was decided by a rather controversial call inside in the final two minutes. With the Buccaneers holding a 31-26 lead and needing to convert on third and 4 to put the game on ice, Tom Brady dropped back to pass and tried to find Tyler Johnson across the middle. Brady couldn’t connect with his intended target but a (very late) flag came flying in after Packers cornerback Kevin King grabbed Johnson’s jersey. Pass interference was called, essentially locking up the victory and booking their ticket to Super Bowl LV.In a vacuum, the sequence seemed to be an obvious penalty. However, given the magnitude of the moment and the fact that referees had been letting defenders get away with a lot all game long, many thought the flag shouldn’t have been thrown. A number of NFL players past and present weighed in on the ruling and, in Joe Haden’s case, how late the flag was thrown. (We have to assume Haden meant “latest” flag ever here.)There were varying opinions from those close to the game, so we should be in for quite a few days of takes.Of course, there were the Brady conspiracy theorists too. But it wasn’t just NFL stars chiming in, either. Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid didn’t quite enjoy the call either. In any case, it wouldn’t be an NFC Championship Game without some controversial officiating at the end of the game, now would it?

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