Millennials are keeping handwriting alive

They might be the tech generation, but millennials appreciate the art of handwriting more than any other age group, according to new research.

A survey of 2,000 American adults sought to uncover our relationship with handwritten notes, handwriting and email in the digital age.

Results showed millennials not only appreciate writing more but are more likely to keep hold of hand-written keepsakes than those in their fifties.

The research, which was conducted by handwritten note service, Bond, found millennials also tend to have a lot more confidence in their handwriting, with 33 percent reporting they have “very good” handwriting, compared to just 17 percent of those 55 or older.

According to the results of the survey, 81 percent of respondents consider a handwritten note to feel more meaningful than email or text, with millennials, surprisingly, leading the pack.

Nearly nine in ten (87 percent) millennials value handwritten notes more than alternative means of communication.

However, the study also definitely points to a decline in people writing by hand, in lieu of more convenient technology.

A third (33 percent) of Americans haven’t received a handwritten note in over a year, with 15 percent saying it’s actually been longer than five years since they got one.

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