These gorgeous Caribbean islands dodged 2017’s hurricanes

This fall, the Caribbean weathered a series of hurricanes that left some areas in shambles. But thanks to locals’ resilient spirit and various forms of international assistance, most islands are steadily recovering. The lucky, less hard-hit ones want to remind travelers they’re open for business.

St. Kitts

Prime Minister Timothy Harris says the island was “spared the full brunt” of Irma and has made a significant recovery. In November, Park Hyatt opened its ultra-luxe resort on Christopher Harbour, offering 128 rooms with seaside views (from $500/night).

Dominican Republic

Though this island nation was heavily battered by Hurricane Maria in September, most of its infrastructure is still intact. The Punta Cana airport, which has direct flights to New York City and is the closest to a stretch of beachfront resorts, is operating as usual.


Though its sister island, Barbuda, suffered severe damage, Antigua came out of hurricane season with minimal setbacks; hotels and shops are back in business. Antigua is emphasizing that patronizing its businesses means aid money will pour into Barbuda.

A rep for the country’s tourism board, Christopher Nelson, adds, “In the middle of October, you wouldn’t have been able to tell [Antigua] even had a close brush.” Meanwhile Galley Bay, an all-inclusive adults-only boutique resort, is reopening on Dec. 23 after a massive renovation that was in progress before the storm hit (from $548/night).

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