Kamala Harris soars in our latest 2020 rankings

The big story of recent vintage in the 2020 presidential race is the struggle of frontrunner Joe Biden. And rightly so! The former vice president has come back to the pack after a searing start to the race — brought low(ish) by a seeming praise for a segregationist senator and a mediocre performance in the first debate.

All true! But the Biden storyline has overshadowed another important development in the 2020 Democratic campaign: A top tier has emerged!
That lead pack has four candidates: Biden, California Sen. Kamala Harris, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. Biden remains the nominal frontrunner of the quartet, but Harris and Warren are chasing at his heels while Sanders appears to be clinging on to stay with the frontrunners.
The distance between those top four and the rest of the 200 — rough estimate! — other people running for the Democratic nomination, from an organizational and polling perspective, is real and significant.