Journalist Arrested During Ferguson Protest Is Convicted

Videographer Mary Moore is among more than two dozen news professionals arrested covering protests since the police killing of teenager Michael Brown.

A freelance journalist has been convicted in Ferguson Municipal Court of failure to comply with a police order for taking video of a peaceful protest against police brutality in 2014.

Mary Moore, a videographer who has worked with ABC, CNN and BET, was notified this week that Municipal Judge Donald McCullin dismissed charges of disturbing the peace and resisting arrest, and imposed a suspended sentence on the failure to comply conviction. The suspended sentence means Moore won’t be punished if she avoids trouble in Ferguson for a year.

Moore is one of least two dozen journalists arrested or detained covering Ferguson protests since the police shooting of teenager Michael Brown in August 2014. Some of the journalists have sued police over their arrests, and at least one has won a legal settlement. Moore said her conviction is likely to affect how she approaches her job covering news.

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