Jets secondary has message for all the doubters

Jets cornerback Darryl Roberts is not listening. He is not reading. He is not paying attention to the tweets.

All spring and into the summer one of the main storylines around the Jets has been whether the team can count on Roberts to go from backup to starter. He has been called a weak spot, a question mark and plenty of things in between.

Not that he’s paying attention.

“I ain’t never heard that,” Roberts said when asked last week about people believing he could be the weak spot of the defense. “I don’t listen to what people say. That’s my main thing. I just focus on what I have to do and just come to work every day and try to execute and be consistent. I don’t wake up and be like, ‘What are they saying about me?’ I don’t be on social media like that. I don’t even really block it out. I just don’t pay attention to it.”

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