Is Mark Zuckerberg the most hated person in tech?

If you were Mark Zuckberg, this was not a good week.

Politicians, fellow tech CEOs, journalists and an Oscar winning screenwriter are calling him out over his stance to allow politicians to spread untruths in political ads on Facebook.

This follows controversy surrounding Facebook’s missteps with privacy and security breaches, his run-in with democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren over her call to have the social network broken up and his proposal to launch a new kind of digital currency, called Libra, that hasn’t been well received in D.C. or from former partners like PayPal, eBay and MasterCard, which have dropped out of the consortium.

The brouhaha got us to thinking – is there currently a CEO who’s the focus of more animus than Zuckerberg? (He “has taken the lead, in both actual damage and dislikability,” wrote Paul Rodriguez on our Facebook page.)

So who else would make the list? And what are their hot-button challenges?

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