I can help you discover your lover’s secret OnlyFans accounts

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This hack may turn lovers from fans and into foes.

A British podcaster has shared the simple way for women to find out whether their partner has an OnlyFans account – and it has already ended multiple relationships.

Leah Louvaine, 24, took to TikTok last week to tell her female followers to try signing up for an OnlyFans account with their boyfriend’s email address.

“If it says, ‘Sorry, this account already exists,’ then you’ll know your partner is signed up,” Louvaine declared in the clip, which has been viewed more than 250,000 times.

Some of the world’s biggest porn stars boast OnlyFans accounts, with subscribers paying a monthly fee for exclusive access.

And while people have been debating for decades whether watching pornography constitutes as cheating, some consider subscribing to OnlyFans an act of infidelity as users can personally communicate with porn stars and form more emotional attachments.

Multiple women decided to try out Louvaine’s hack — and devastatingly discovered their partners were indeed paying for OnlyFans porn.

“I did this. It says he [a boyfriend] has an account and now I’m screaming, crying, throwing up,” one heartbroken woman wrote.

“Do not do this! Crying myself to sleep,” another viewer chimed in.

Meanwhile, a third woman revealed she had dumped her man after catching him out with the OnlyFans hack.

“I’m single now, cheers for that,” she miserably wrote beneath the TikTok clip.

“I did this, he had one & then he tried multiple lies to get out of it,” another newly single female commiserated.

Despite sharing the tip, Louvaine hasn’t yet tested it out on her own boyfriend.

OnlyFans has more than 50 million registered users around the world, as the number of users exploded during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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